AdapTableTop modular system for boardgames (black)




AdapTableTop is a device that wants to focus on the features that we believe are fundamental to offer a product that can help many other players to have fewer limitations due to their playable space. These are the key points on which we have worked: more surface, customi-zable, stable, easy to use, and transport.

No screws or metal parts to ensure the safety of younger children and giving the product the best flexibility of use without having to spend too much time in the setup.

You can create a new surface and choose to mount each leg and each “ATT” module wherever you prefer, according to your needs. You can also decide to split it or use only one of the six available modules to make it suitable for even the smallest tables. Each module is 30 x 30cm (11,8 x 11,8 inch).

With “ATT” you can change the legs height during the assembly phase: you can choose between 8 and 12 cm (3,1 and 4,7 inch). You can use the different heights of “ATT” to create environments with different levels in a wargame or RPG scenario.

The interlocking method we have chosen consists of legs equipped with four pins each; they block the planks and ensure the stability of the structure. The legs can be inserted anywhere thanks to the lower part of the table made up of a continuous beehive grid. The thickness of the ABS plastic top allows the table to maintain up to 9kg of material. Our crash test reached 12kg to guarantee this weight.

Thanks to the “DYNAMIC STABILITY ADAPTERS” under the modules, any accidental release is prevented, bringing “ATT” to a higher standard of stability.

Inside each ATT box, there will be a QR code that will direct the customer to a website where the STLs, useful for expanding the device with further functions, will be exchanged and also provided by Gamestart.

“ATT” is a multi-surface solution that can also be used outside the playful context, thanks to its complete modularity. It will be possible to choose from more colors: Silver, gold, red, blue, black, and green with a matt finish.

It will be available with a rigid and compact case to facilitate its transport when you go to use it outside your home.


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