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DUNGEON BREAKOUT is a game for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up & is a great game for players of any skill level. It’s quick to set up and easy to follow. Sometimes a game takes 30 minutes, sometimes it’s over in 5, it all depends on the luck of the draw & how you play your cards! The simple rule system also includes optional extra rules which can make your gameplay session longer, more challenging, or both.

The fast paced, easy to learn game of dungeon escape! Return to the Würstreich with the second board game from GOBLINKO! DUNGEON BREAKOUT is a heavily flavored, tile placement party game, set in the same world and populated by the same weird characters and creatures as DUNGEON DEGENERATES: Hand of Doom. With easy-to-learn rules and fast game play action, DUNGEON BREAKOUT will be a hit with any crowd!

You’re trapped in the dungeon below Brüttleburg, but there is a chance for escape! Make your way through the maze-like corridors, collecting loot and battling monsters, and find the exit first to win! Watch out though, in addition to lurking monsters, there could be a jailor around the next corner, or one of your opponents trying to stop you!

Comes with

  • 60 Map tile cards which make up the dungeon deck
  • 48 Monster cards
  • 48 Loot cards
  • 8 Adventurer standees
  • 1 die (16mm)
  • Rules sheet



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