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Fantastic Factories is a light gateway strategy game for 1 to 5 players that’s easy to learn and plays in under 1 hour!

It combines engine building and dice placement in a very accessible package that always leaves you wanting to play again!

  • Approachable gateway game with simple iconography
  • Easy to learn, 5 minutes to teach
  • Lots of strategic depth in under 1 hour per game
  • High replay value with 40+ unique cards
  • Solo mode or up to 5 players with simultaneous play for quick games each time

Contenido Fantastic Factories

  • Core: Incluye el juego Base y promo pack 1
  • EverythingNew:
    • Expansion Manufactions
    • Expansion Subterfuge
    • Playmat
    • Promo Pack 2
    • Faction Pack
  • Everything:
    • Juego Base
    • Expansion Manufactions
    • Expansion Subterfuge
    • Playmat
    • Promo Pack 1
    • Promo Pack 2
    • Faction Pack

Race against other players as you try to build the most efficient set of factories in the shortest amount of time.

Carefully manage your blueprints and train your workers. Discover quirky combinations of factories and puzzle out the best placement of all your people. And above all, manufacture as many goods as possible!

Each round begins with the market phase. On your turn you either select a face-up blueprint to add into your hand for free or discard a card to hire the corresponding contractor. Contractors have unique effects that allow you do things such as roll additional dice or gain resources.

Once all players have taken a turn, the work phase begins.

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