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Leaf Standard Edition


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Leaf Standard Edition – Edición en Inglés

In the game Leaf, 1-4 players embody the wind by guiding leaves to the forest floor and connecting them to the ones that have already fallen. Each leaf you touch will grant you actions to create a thriving forest. Attract woodland animals, grow mushrooms, lead helpful squirrels up the great tree, and gain additional leaf cards and sun tokens by strategically placing leaves.

As the leaves fall, the forest floor comes alive. The player who contributes most to the health of the forest wins!

Encuentra la expansión Leaf: Season of the Bear aquí


  • Tile Placement Game: Guide leaves to the forest floor to create a thriving ecosystem and compete for the most acorns by touching leaf tiles for extra actions. As the game continues a beautiful collection of tiled leaves forms across the table
  • Set Collection Game: Select leaf tiles from the central leaf board and place them on the forest floor. Earn extra points by collecting sets of animals growing mushroom rings on your leaves or advancing the season towards winter.
  • Replayable Game: Every game will play out differently as the forest floor takes shape and expands. As more leaves are added by each player, the number of connection points and variety can grow.
  • Area Control Game: Leaf has an aspect of area control in the form of growing player mushrooms on the forest floor. During end game scoring, players are awarded victory points based on how many large mushrooms are in each group on the forest floor.
  • Strategy Gateway Game: It’s approachable and casual enough that new players can keep everything straight (or learn as they play), but the decisions are strategic enough that more veteran players are engaged too.
  • Family Game: Fantastic for up to four players and family friendly the game’s uniquely built tiles offers interesting placement choices for all.
  • A challenging Solo Mode – The North Wind
  • Wooden Meeples: Use your wooden squirrel meeple to climb the tree board for extra rewards
  • Sustainable Materials: Weird City produces games with FSC materials to help support forest conservation and preserve natural ecosystems. There is not a single piece of plastic in the game. Wooden tokens, recycled cardboard pieces, and tuck boxes hold everything you need in the game.

Juego con contenido independiente del idioma salvo las hojas de ayuda de jugador y las reglas

Leaf Standard Edition Content:

  • 4 Wooden Squirrel Meeples for Tree board (1 each player color – green, yellow, red, orange)
  • 58 Acorn Tokens
    • 25 Acorn tokens (light turquoise, value 1)
    • 20 Acorn tokens (dark turquoise, value 5)
    • 8 Acorn tokens (green, value 20 )
    • 5 Acorn tokens (red, value-3 )
  • 25 Sun Tokens (light blue)
  • 60 Mushroom Tokens (disks; 15x each player color – green, yellow, red, orange)
  • 32 Punchboard Leaf Tiles
    • 30 Leaf tiles (5 of each Leaf shape, with 1 each of yellow Sun, orange Animal, red Mushroom, brown Tree, and green Leaf icons)
    • 2 Starting Leaf tiles (have swirls on back; 1 green Maple with Leaf icon, 1 orange Sweetgum with Animal icon)
  • 48 Animal Cards (orange paw print back; 54x79mm)
  • 36 Leaf Cards (green leaf backs; 43x67mm)
  • 4 Player Aids (24.2×5.6cm; in player colors green, red, yellow, orange)
  • 1 Animal Board (tan, 24.2x21cm)
  • 1 Leaf Board (green, 24.2x21cm)
  • 1 Tree Board (24.5x17cm)
  • 1 Season Marker (yellow sun disk round marker)
  • 1 Start Player Token (oval Hedgehog)
  • Rulebook (16 pages)

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