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Pack Star Trek: Away Missions


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Star Trek: Away Missions – Edición en inglés

In Star Trek: Away Missions, players will lead their own landing parties to complete missions, conduct espionage, fight in glorious battle, or assimilate distinctiveness. The objective is to score points by completing missions over the three rounds.
Each completed mission earns you points. Score the most points to win the game!

Each member of your away team is represented by a figure that will move about the board to complete missions with an associated card that describes that character’s strengths, skills, and other important characteristics including which away team they belong to!

Battle of Wolf 359 contains two teams: Riker’s Away Team of the Federation, and Locutus’s Unimatrix of the Borg.







Star Trek: Away Missions contains:

  • 1x Rulebook
  • 10x Miniatures
  • 5x Double-sided Mission Boards
  • 12x Dice1x Dice Board
  • 10x Character Cards
  • 140x Mission and Support Cards
  • 2x Core Mission Cards85x Tokens
  • 50x Health Pegs
  • 5x Borg Drone Overlays
  • 2x Reference Cards

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