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Fecha prevista de entrega Marzo Q2 de 2021 sujeta a posibles cambios realizados por la editorial

El Allin incluye: 

  • Core
  • Expansión Domination
  • Expansión Fallen Kingdom
  • SG de la campaña
250,00 IVA incluído

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57,00 IVA incluído



Jurassic World Miniature Game. Fecha prevista de entrega Marzo Q2 de 2021 sujeta a posibles cambios realizados por la editorial

Jurassic World Miniature Game. Resérvalo en español en SomosJuegos. Si eliges allin recibiras también los extras de Kickstarter.

A game from 2 to X players.
Choose a scenario and your army of dinosaurs or heroes from the movie saga. Build your decks of action and hero cards accordingly.
Feel the thrill of brutal combat between dinosaurs using unique and cinematic action card mechanics. Plan your actions by placing cards in sequence while guessing your opponent’s ones.
Alter effects or sequence by well-timed hero cards to tilt the tide of battle in your favor.

Jurassic World: Miniature Game has the ambition to immerse players in the universe of the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park franchises. Play as dinosaurs or heroes, all with their own abilities. The game aims at giving a cinematographic feeling. Hero cards will turn the tide of the game! The choice is yours: reenact the movies through epic scenarios or create your own story, with the characters of your choosing.

Jurassic World the Miniature Game features a unique and fast-paced card-driven playstyle with innovative initiative and combo mechanics, for 1 to X players.

Stage the miniatures of the most famous dinosaurs and human heroes in all the franchise Jurassic World and Park. Pick a scenario and for 30 minutes to 1 hour relive with your friends the key moments of your favorite movies. If you prefer, build your own army of dinosaurs and human heroes to clash in custom scenarios.

Those interested in adding tactical depth to their playstyle may dive in the deck builder features of the game. Give specific roles to your units or focus on synergies between them to bring down even the mightiest foes.

Experience the thrill of the hunt because dinosaurs are no more extinct on your tabletop!!

If you want to know more about the gameplay, click here


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