Shadows of Brimstone: Bone Eaters Enemy Pack

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Bone Eaters for Shadows of Brimstone

Lurking in the dark and humid corridors inside the Belly of the Beast, these scavengers feed on the bones and remnants too hard to be dissolved by the massive creature’s normal digestive systems. Living in darkness, Bone Eaters have no eyes. Instead they use their keen sense of vibrations and smell, absorbing scents through their outstretched fingers, as they search feverishly for anything worth devouring. Even the slightest noise or movement can alert them to your presence, drawing them away from whatever old refuse they were feeding on, with the prospect of a fresher meal!

Bone Eaters are creatures native to the Belly of the Beast, though they are also known to wander the Forest of the Dead, as it is a world rich with things for them to feed upon! Attracted to movement and sound, Bone Eaters pounce on Heroes that move too quickly or make a lot of noise by attacking. If you stay still and silent, you just may be able to avoid the worst of their attacks, as they simply run their groping fingers across your face, sniffing for tasty morsels to devour. With their oversized mouths and gnashing jaws, Bone Eaters can steal away your items or Tokens, crushing and swallowing them if you don’t retrieve them in time!

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