Sorcerer City


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Sorcerer City, from designer Scott Caputo (Voluspa & Whistle Stop) mixes tile laying and deck building into a strategic game that is kept moving by a casual timed element. Imagine if Carcassonne, Dominion, and Galaxy Trucker were combined into a magical strategy game of sorcerer architects competing to see who could gain the most prestige! Walk with us down the streets of Sorcerer City!

Every player starts the game with a set of tiles, in each round you will have 2 minutes to build your city as optimally as you can. Then in between rounds you will buy new tiles to add to your pool and gain other rewards. Beware though, monsters are lurking and will also be added to your deck that will no doubt add some chaos to your plans in the following rounds. After 5 rounds we will add up all the victory points to see who is the master sorcerer builder!

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