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Star Trek: Away Missions – House of Duras: Klingon Expansion


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Star Trek: Away Missions – House of Duras: Klingon Expansion – Edición en inglés

In Star Trek: Away Missions, players will lead their own landing parties to complete missions, conduct espionage, fight in glorious battle, or assimilate distinctiveness.
The objective is to score points by completing missions over the three rounds.
Each completed mission earns you points. Score the most points to win the game!

A tactical arena combat game that includes Deck Building to customise how your Away
Team performs. Multiple avenues to win by being sneaky and scoring your missions, or by setting your phasers to kill and trying to eliminate the opposing team.

Expand your collection with new expansion teams and cards to build the best team possible.

An expanding galaxy The Duras Sisters take the remains of their house to Wolf 359 in the hope of finding plunder to finance their return to Klingon politics and to redeem their honor – by any means necessary. This expansion is ready to play straight out of the box and comes with pre-designed card decks that make the most of the characters abilities. Alternatively, you can mix cards and mission specialists from other away teams to customise your decks and add even more variety.


  • 5 Miniatures
  • 5 Character cards
  • 70 Mission and Support Cards
  • 1 Core Mission Card
  • 9Tokens

This product is an expansion, you need the base game “Star Trek Away Missions” to use it.

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