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The Order of Vampire Hunters: From Blood to Dust


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Quiet for so long, the Night is rising again, spreading its tendrils of evil through the empty and unwatched backwaters of the world. Once again, Vampires are spreading from den to den, adding locals to the body count … or to their ranks. Can the Order regain its former strength and push back the tide of evil?


This expansion includes a new species of Vampire, the Lurkers, and a previously unseen Elder that introduce new game mechanisms e.g. Water, Cracks and Blood Lust. Includes 2 new locations, the abandoned subway and the sewers that can be easily integrated into any Hunt.

Box contains:

• 16 Highly detailed plastic miniatures:
• 15 Lurker Vampires in 3 different poses.
• Drakku, an Elder Vampire.
• 2 Vampire ID Cards.
• 4 Large Double-sided Map Tiles.
• 1 Small Double-sided Map Tile.
• 15 Encounter Cards.
• 4 Vampire Activation Cards.
• 69 Tokens.

No longer satisfied with their Dens in the remote and forgotten corners of the world, the Night brings terror to new urban locations.

Take the fight underground with the From Blood to Dust expansion for The Order of Vampire Hunters. Enter the abandoned subways and venture into the damp underground sewer tunnels in pursuit of a new breed of Vampire, the Lurkers. Agile and tough, these creatures are just a foreshadowing of the nightmarish Elder Drakku.



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