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Vagrantsong Seance Scenario Fox Sisters


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Vagrantsong Seance Scenario Fox Sisters – Edición en Inglés

This is a scenario with multiple puzzles and mysteries, many of which the players will not know or understand at the beginning of the game. And that’s okay! The goal is to figure out what to do, how to do it, and where to do it. You’ll be solving challenges that will provide more context as you push through the Scenario. Focus on what you already know and you’ll get there!

Try your hand at a frightening new Scenario for Vagrantsong, integrated directly into your existing game. This new Scenario will include new Vagrant Exclusive Skills to obtain, new Rituals to complete, and a devastating tug-of-war for one’s Humanity. Additionally, this Scenario includes Portrait cards to track your characters from turn-to-turn with even more spooky interactions within the Scenario itself.

Gather around the table and perform a Séance you won’t soon forget by summoning the Fox Sisters in Hide Yourself Away, a new Vagrantsong Scenario! Adding this Scenario to your campaign is as easy as counting the number of times you have performed a Séance during the Camp Phase!

It’s highly recommended to have a pencil and paper nearby.

Good luck! …You’ll need it.

This Scenario includes:

  • 12 Page Scenario Book
  • 1 Fox Sisters Standee
  • 6 Vagrant Exclusive Skill Cards
  • 3 Ritual Cards
  • 6 Personal Ritual Cards
  • 6 Portrait Cards
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